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Treatment for cellulite grade 3

Product: pbserum Plus - 1 session

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Dr. Desirée Castelanich


Published on 12/26/2023

Clinical case description

This clinical case by Dr. Desirée Castelanich addresses the effectiveness of pbserum recombinant enzymes in a single session to treat fibrous plaques and nodules. The patient sought to improve skin texture. The application of a specific technique resulted in a noticeable one-degree regression in cellulite severity. Factors such as the patient's age, healthy habits and the technique applied were determinant for this successful outcome, underlining the possibility of customizing the treatment according to individual aesthetic goals. This case highlights the relevance of considering multiple factors to optimize results in cellulite management.

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This clinical case has been performed following the laboratory protocol, available in the digital courses of the Courses module. For medical information about this case, please contact our medical team at medinfo@proteosbiotech.com; if you are interested in attending a face to face workshop, please contact the distributor in your country.

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